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Mary Baker Eddy

God is Spirit

by Rolf Witzsche

Is Spirit the antidote to matter? To answer yes would reduce the status of God. God is not an antidote. God is the only power, the only animating presence. 

Mary Baker Eddy inserted the term Spirit when referring to Jesus' saying: Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. She interprets the statement as: "Destroy this temple [body], and in three days I [Spirit] will raise it up."*1 

This is the scientific platform for spiritual healing. Matter enters not into the equation. Mary Baker Eddy is emphatic about this element of divine being. She says the following in the scientific statement of being:

Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.

Is she not saying: That in reality there is no qualitative and expressed difference between the spirit of man and the divine Spirit that is God? This statement that God is Spirit sets up a platform for all humanity that raises the human being to an incredible height of dignity, which makes the very notion of the exercise of malicious human mind games a tragic perversion of the true image of man.

The true animus is God, Spirit. However, if this truth is lost sight of, the image of man collapses in consciousness to the default state of a self-animated, self-centered, base sense of existence at which one erroneous perception preys upon another like predators in a wilderness. Mary Baker Eddy called the mental nightmare that unfolds at this stage, animal magnetism, which is self-destructive to humanity and quickly becomes malicious. Mary Baker Eddy didn't invent the term, animal magnetism. It was once deemed an healing agent that involves controlling another being through various types of mental influences from willpower to esoteric magic. Mary Baker Eddy recognized only one legitimate animus for man and the universe, which is divine Spirit. This recognition of course, does not inhibit others from becoming entrapped into the destructive domain of animal magnetism. When this happens, and one becomes confronted by the malicious attacks upon oneself, the recourse lies in the truth that divine Spirit alone governs and moves man.

Allow me to illustrate this with an indent in which the malicious intend was overturned by the true animus, divine Spirit. The attacks of slander against Mary Baker Eddy were especially strong in 1907, during the time of the 'Next Friend's Suite' that was intended to prove her incompetence, thus to deprive her of her freedom to control her affairs. Many newspapers send their reporters to Concord to dig up dirt, if they could. 

One group of them was a belligerent lot of old-timers - "news hounds baying on the trail," as one of them described themselves. Their goal was to dig up scandal, or anything with which to hold up Mary Baker Eddy to scorn and ridicule, even to expose and denounce her. The chief man of the group, however, was ill with a cancerous growth so that he could no speak. Mary Baker Eddy requested that he be telephoned with the message that she could not receive them, due to a lack of time. 

When the messenger called, he was told that the man couldn't come to the phone, and if he did, couldn't speak. Since the messenger insisted, as per Mrs. Eddy's request, the man angrily complied and came and listened. When he walked away from the phone he could speak perfectly. He was healed. 

The men saw in the healing of their own comrade the very proof of the reality they came to ridicule. With this, the malice was defeated. They simply left. Years later, in his last days, that man did turn to Christian Science, and in a message acknowledged his debt of gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy, for his healing.*2 

Mary Baker Eddy was always keenly sensitive to protect herself against aggressive malicious forces by placing herself in the divine court where Spirit alone rules. Many of her supporters were not so alert and suffered the consequences, or were drawn into the court of mental malpractice themselves. Consequently, Mary Baker Eddy warned the field, "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."*3

Mary Baker Eddy's discovery that God is Spirit is the law of being. Without that law, which is the law of the Christ, being acknowledged, the world becomes a swamp that drowns civilization. It is reported that in the latter years, Mary Baker Eddy spent as much as three hours a day working for humanity to hold back the rising tide of the animus of mental malpractice that has become evermore secret and evermore malicious, with fascist tendencies unfolding on the horizon.

She may have been successful in holding back these forces from breaking out into World War One. In fact, the chief motivator for this war died before this war could be unleashed, which happened only after Mary Baker Eddy's passing. 

A lot of bad things happened in the shadow of her passing, such as the founding of U.S. Federal Reserve that set into motion a process that is now threatening to disintegrate the entire world-financial and economic system, that is already technically bankrupt. Also, in the wake of her passing fascism has grown into a monster that is now reaching out to rule the world. We have come upon hard and dangerous times since the task of countering the rise of animal magnetism and mental malpractice is no longer seriously pursued. Nevertheless, the fact remains that God is Spirit, and therefore the true animus of man and the universe. Right now the the world has moved far away from demonstrating this fact. There is even a movement afoot to get us out of the current mess on a moral, political platform. However, compared to where the real focus aught to be put on, those efforts may prove to be little more than a pecking at the fringes. The key issue, therefore, may not be addressed until there is a revival of Christian Science unfolding, which is presently far out of sight.

In respect to the matrix foursquare that May Baker Eddy has founded all of her works on, we will find the unfolding divine Spirit represented strongly in the second column, labeled the Christ with the river Gihon being the development stream. This development stream takes us from animal magnetism and mental malpractice, which is represented by the Adam mythology, all the way to the highest image of man, the 'woman' of the Apocalypse who had dominion. She has the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars, and her garment is the sun, the boundless, infinite, divine Spirit. That is our heritage and our home. It is everyone's rightful home. There is no need for mental aggression to invade another's consciousness for any reason, even for what may appear to be good motives.

An incident is told in Scriptures in which Christ Jesus was thronged by a crown, and suddenly he said: Who touched me? That's a paradox, right? But it wasn't. A woman came humbly forward and confessed that she thought, if she but touched Christ Jesus' garment she would be healed. The Master's comment was that he perceived that "virtue" had gone out from him. He said to the woman, "Daughter, thy faith has made thee whole, go in peace."*4 His answer was a gentle rebuke. The right course of action would have been to reach out directly to God, divine Spirit, which in a round about way she had. This had to be revealed for the healing to be complete.

David Keyston included an account in his book, The Healer, in which Mary Baker Eddy was 'touched' in a similar way, that likewise involves a secret form of mentally trespassing on another's consciousness, which is totally unnecessary even for the best intentions. In this case the person was a theosophist who was in need of healing and had hared about Mary Baker Eddy's healing ability. For three days in a row the theosophist concentrated her thoughts on Mary Baker Eddy, each day precisely at the same hour. For the first two days there was no response. On the third day the response came like "a great flood of Love and light" and it was as if she heard "the sweetest voice" saying to her, "Don't dear." She said that she had never dreamed of such a love, that it was a revelation to her. She realized how un-Christ-like her course of action had been, compared to Mary Baker Eddy's Christ-like "thought and method of working and practicing." She went out and bought a copy of the Christian Science textbook at once, gave up theosophy, and became a Christian Scientist instead."*5

From this day forward the woman went directly to source for healing, to the divine Spirit which is the only legitimate source to draw our inspiration, motivation, and healing power from. In this regard, she was infinitely more fortunate than the rest of humanity. Humanity is presently subjected to the most deep reaching mental manipulation processes ever unleashed through the news and entertainment media that is saturated with strategically generated lies, distortions of our humanity and violence that set up huge barriers between humanity and its root in the divine Spirit. Mental malpractice and the intentional trespassing of another's consciousness has become a world epidemic. What Mary Baker Eddy saw of this growing phenomenon was but a faint shadow in comparison to what we face today, and even this faint shadow was sufficient cause for her to give up her home at Pleasant View, which she loved so much, to come to Boston to start the Christian Science Monitor which has yet to live up to its mandate. She warned about this scourge right from the beginning in her work in Christian Science, pointing out in her textbook, "So secret are the present methods of animal magnetism that they ensnare the age into indolence, and produce the very apathy on the subject which the criminal desires."*6

She also provided the antidote right from the beginning, the scientific development structures based on the the biblical city foursquare from Revelation 21, that she brought all of her works into conformity with, and thereby made them all a part of that structure. Without a rigorous process of moral, spiritual, and scientific development it is impossible for humanity to dig itself out of the grave that it has been drawn into, and rediscover its roots in divine Spirit. In this lies her greatest achievement that has been so well hidden by a long chain of denial that it is not even recognized to exist.*7

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