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Mary Baker Eddy

God is Mind

by Rolf Witzsche

In his compilation of Mary Baker Eddy's healing works, David Keyston presented an account of Mary Baker Eddy altering a threatening weather condition. It was August 1907, heavy clouds filled the sky over Pleasant View. A storm was approaching. It was dark. One of the staff encountered her in her study at this time, observing the clouds with "rapt attention." The staff member stated that is seemed to her that she saw beyond the storm. Within moments the clouds broke and the storm was being dissolved. A half hour later she saw Mrs. Eddy again. "Did you see the sky?" Mrs. Eddy asked. Evidently referring to the dark of the storm clouds, Mrs. Eddy said, "it was never there. God's face was never clouded."*1 

Mary Baker Eddy's comment is interesting as one can draw it into the context of all of her healing work. She could just as well have said during her healing work, about the countless forms of disease that she personally witnessed vanishing into thin air, pointing to the very same fact that "God's face was never clouded."

Humanity bears God's face which can never really be clouded. Mary Baker Eddy defined the divine face as Mind. 

One of Mary Baker Eddy great pioneering discoveries is, that God is Mind. She points out in some of her writings that infinite divine Mind is incapable of beholding evil, disease, or death, for if this capacity did exist, the resulting expression of a corrupted Principle held in Mind would instantly reduce the universe to chaos and collapse it. (see Unity of Good)

How does apply to us? What authority do we have to embrace a corruption in thought that has no place in the divine universe, manifest as disease? Should out life not reflect the reality of our being, that God's face reflected in us, is never clouded? 

In this context I find Mary Baker Eddy's wording interesting that she used when she described her discovery of Christian Science.

In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science. God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.*2

She called Christian Science the final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing. She didn't talk about the physical healing of disease; she talked about the healing being mental, about clearing the clouds from the face of God, as it were, in human consciousness. In real terms the face of God cannot be clouded!

This way of looking at Christian Science healing puts the process onto a different level that has nothing to do with material processes, or mind-manipulated biological processes. It has to do with acknowledging the nature of the face of God and our bearing it in full clarity. 

Mary Baker Eddy once stated to a newspaper reporter, who asked what a Christian Science treatment is, saying: "A Christian Science treatment is an absolute acknowledgement of the ever-presence of infinite perfection."

An interesting healing is associated with this statement. As it happened so often during that time, the newspaper reporter had intended to use her answer as a basis for ridiculing her in public. Evidently, Mary Baker Eddy responded with Love, that blesses all. He found no basis for harming her and dropped the intent. But years later, when the man lay dying with a serious throat infection and could no longer speak, the substance of that Love reply to him was bearing fruit. His wife reports, that when she was in an adjacent room from his, assuming that he was unconscious, she could hear him say in a clear strong voice those very words of Mary Baker Eddy's reply to him so long ago, "A Christian Science treatment is an absolute acknowledgement of the ever-presence of infinite perfection."*3 The realization of that truth cleared the 'face of his being' and he was healed.

Society seldom equates Christian Science healing with a process for healing the mental platform of the patient. But really, what else is there to heal? Shall we attempt to heal God or urge the divine Mind to correct defects in the divine order. Christ Jesus never suggested that sickness was God bestowed, or was a part of the face of God reflected in man. Thus, he healed the lepers as readily as the lame, the blind, and the dead. He never regarded the material condition as of having any significance compared to the nature of the face of God. Isn't that also the substance of healing that Jacob experienced when he struggled all night with his fear of his brother as the place called Peniel. That healing was so profound that it changed his name to Israel. And what was the substance of it? He said to his brother, "I have seen thy face as though I had seen the face of God."*4

No other basis for healing really exists that can explain the kinds of healing that has been recorded in Christian Science, especially by Mary Baker Eddy whose healing work remains unparalleled. A case in point is the healing of Oscar Norin, a high diver exhibitionist whom Mary Baker Eddy met at the Concord State Fair. During her conversation with him afterwards, at Pleasant View, she commented about his having overcome fear. He confirmed her observation and said it was the result of long time practice. Mary Baker Eddy replied, "Use that overcoming of fear on your eyes."

The man was wearing dark glasses and explained that one eye had been injured, so that the eyeball had to be removed. The dark glasses were needed to hide what is otherwise unpleasant to look at. 

We are told by the cab driver who drove the man to the station, that when he arrived at the station he took his glasses off and found that his eye was completely restored, so that both eyes were the same. It is being said that Mary Baker Eddy once told her class that she healed a man of blindness, whose eyeballs were gone. She restored his eyeballs and his sight.*5

From a physical, biological standpoint that kind of healing is impossible. I find this healing remarkable, because of Mary Baker Eddy's statement to him that the key for his healing lies in his overcoming of fear. She said, use that overcoming of fear on your eyes. As a high diver he demonstrated daily what is deemed to be impossible, diving from a high platform into a small shallow pool. It is as if Mary Baker Eddy had reminded him that he had already overcome his 'fear' to face the impossible.

Why should it be deemed remarkable for a person who stood tall on the platform of the 'woman' of the Apocalypse, clothed with the sun, to proclaim that no clouds can hide the face of God? There is nothing miraculous about it. That's our authority for healing.

Mary Baker Eddy's metaphor in Christ and Christmas is also interesting in this regard. (see mapping) The 'woman' of the Apocalypse stands tall at the top of the second column in the foursquare matrix structure that Mary Baker Eddy created all of her works in structural conformity with. From the top of the second column (8) the 'woman' reaches down to the sickbed of humanity, to uplift humanity. The scene that she reaches down to, to uplift it, is located at the bottom in the third column (9). Mary Baker Eddy has 'labeled' the third column "Christianity." 

The river for this column is Hiddekel, which she defined as, "Divine Science understood and acknowledged." The metaphoric images that pertain to this river, and their corresponding verses, are totally devoted to Christian Science treatment. In the second scene (10) the Christian Science textbook is a key element, as the verse speaks of a transformation from olden faith to a reality now seen in "seven-hued white... emitting light." And in the scene thereafter (11), the textbook is found again, this time as a foundation for treatment, as the verse describes the face of God: "The Way, the Truth, the Life - His word -"

The highest scene (12) in that column culminates in defining a new image for humanity as Christian Science carries forward what Christ Jesus has begun. In which process Christianity finds its new name and its new identity, as Christian Scientists. The verse for this image is totally related to the new task at hand for binging to the forefront the forever face of God:

For Christian Science brings to view 
The great I Am, - 
Omniscient power, - gleaming through 
Mind, mother, man.

Isn't that what Mary Baker Eddy is also saying in the scientific statement of being?

There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.

the end



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