The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 136: -


METCALF to KNAPP et al. Trs.
Libro 2886, Fol. 521.

Know all Men,

That I, Albert Metcalf, the grantor in a certain
deed given to Ira O. Knapp and others
dated October 23, 1896, and recorded with Suffolk
Deeds, Book 2591, page 398, do hereby declare
that the land conveyed by said deed was
conveyed to the grantees therein, as they are the
Christian Science Board of Directors, upon the
trusts, but not subject to the conditions mentioned
in the deed creating said Board given by
Mary Baker G. Eddy to Ira O. Knapp and
others, dated September 1st, 1892, and recorded
with Suffolk Deeds, Book 2081, page 257. In
addition to the trusts contained in said deed of
September 1, 1892, from Mary Baker G. Eddy

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