The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 100: -

 said Committee. If prior to the meeting of the
church for the election of officers, Mrs. Eddy
shall send to the First Reader of the church the
name of a candidate for its Committee on Publication,
the Readers shall appoint said candidate.
Or if she shall send a special request to any
Committee on Publication, the request shall be
carried out according to her directions.

Removal from Office. Sect. 5. If the Committee
on Publication neglects to fulfil the obligations
of his office according to these By-Laws,
and this becomes apparent to the Christian Science
Board of Directors, it shall be the duty of
the Directors immediately to act upon this important
matter in accordance with said By-Laws.

The Christian Science Board of Directors may
notify any Church of Christ, Scientist, to remove
its Committee on Publication and to appoint another
Committee to fill the vacancy; and it shall
be the duty of that church to comply with this
request. In such cases it shall be the privilege
of this Board to name the Committee if it so
desires, and any Committee so named by the
Board shall be elected by the branch church.

Case of Necessity. Sect. 6. If a suitable
man is not obtainable for Committee on Publication,
a suitable woman shall be elected. If a

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