The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 98: -

 This Committee on Publication shall be responsible
for correcting or having corrected a false
newspaper article which has not been replied to
by other Scientists, or which has been forwarded
to this Committee for the purpose of having him
reply to it. If the correction by the Committee
on Publication is not promptly published by the
periodical in which it is desirable that this correction
shall appear, this Committee shall immediately
apply for aid to the Committee on
Business. Furthermore, the Committee on Publication
shall read the last proof sheet of such
an article and see that it is published according
to copy; he shall circulate in large quantities
the papers containing such an article, sending a
copy to the Clerk of the Church. It shall also
be the duty of the Committee on Publication to
have published each year in a leading Boston
newspaper the letter sent to the Pastor Emeritus
by the Church members in annual meeting
assembled. The State Committees on Publication
act under the direction of this Committee on

In Branch Churches. Sect. 3. The Readers
of the three largest branch churches in each State
of the United States and in Canada shall annuall

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