The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 94: -

 of branch churches. The lecturer can invite
churches within the city whither he is called to
unite in their attendance on his lecture, and so
make for their churches a less lecture fee; but
the churches shall decide their action.

Receptions. Sect. 4. As a rule there should
be no receptions nor festivities after a lecture on
Christian Science, but there may occur
exceptions. If there be an individual who goes to hear
and deride truth, he should go away contemplating
truth; and he who goes to seek truth should
have the opportunity to depart in quiet thought
on that subject.

Circuit Lecturer. Sect. 5. Upon the written
request of Mrs. Eddy, The Mother Church shall
appoint a Circuit Lecturer. His term of office, if
approved, shall not be less than three years. He
shall lecture in the United States, in Canada, in
Great Britain and Ireland.

A member shall neither resign nor transfer
this sacred office.

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