The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 90: -

 the Normal class. All members of this class must
be thorough English scholars.

Certificates. Sect. 3. Students are examined
and given certificates by this Board if found
qualified to receive them.

Article XXX


Sessions. Section 1. The term of the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College will open
with the Board of Education on the first
Wednesday of December. The sessions will
continue not over one week. None but the
teacher and members of the College class shall
be present at the sessions, and no Primary
classes shall be taught under the auspices of
this Board.

Special Instruction. Sect. 2. Not less than
two thorough lessons by a well qualified teacher
shall be given to each Normal class on the
subject of mental practice and malpractice. One
student in the class shall prepare a paper on
said subject that shall be read to the class,
thoroughly discussed, and understood; this pape

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