The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 87: -

Church Membership. Sect. 4. Neither the
Pastor Emeritus nor a member of this Church
shall teach Roman Catholics Christian Science,
except it be with the written consent of the
authority of their Church. Choice of patients is
left to the wisdom of the practitioner, and Mrs.
Eddy is not to be consulted on this subject.

Class Teaching. Sect. 5. Members of The
Mother Church who are authorized by its ByLaws
to teach Christian Science, shall not solicit,
or cause or permit others to solicit, pupils for their
classes. No member of this Church shall advise
against class instruction.

Teachers of Christian Science must have the
necessary moral and spiritual qualifications to
elucidate the Principle and rule of Christian Science,
through the higher meaning of the
Scriptures. "The less the teacher personally controls
other minds, and the more he trusts them to the
divine Truth and Love, the better it will be for
both teacher and student." (Retrospection and
Introspection, page 84.)

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