The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 86: -

 Article XXVII


Authorized to Teach. Section 1. After a
student's pupil has been duly authorized to be
a teacher of Christian Science, or has been under
the personal instruction of Mrs. Eddy, he is no
longer under the jurisdiction of his former

Without Teachers. Sect. 2. Those beloved
brethren whose teacher has left them,
can elect an experienced Christian Scientist,
who is not in charge of an association of
students and who is ready for this high calling,
to conduct the meetings of their

Basis for Teaching. Sect. 3. The teachers
of the Normal class shall teach from the chapter
"Recapitulation" in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH
KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, and from the Christian
Science Platform, beginning on page 330 of
the revised editions since 1902, and they shall
teach nothing contrary thereto. The teachers
of the Primary class shall instruct their pupils
from the said chapter on "Recapitulation" only.

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