The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 85: -

 student occupies only his own field of labor.
Pupils may visit each other's churches, and by
invitation attend each other's associations.

Caring for Pupils of Strayed Members.
Sect. 8. A loyal teacher of Christian Science
may teach and receive into his association the
pupils of another member of this Church who
has so strayed as justly to be deemed, under the
provisions of Article XII, Sect. 1, not ready to
lead his pupils.

Teachers must have Certificates. Sect. 9.
A member of this Church shall not teach pupils
Christian Science unless he has a certificate to
show that he has been taught by Mrs. Eddy or
has taken a Normal Course at the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College or in the Board of

Such members who have not been continuously
active and loyal Christian Scientists since
receiving instruction as above, shall not teach
Christian Science without the approval of The
Christian Science Board of Directors.

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