The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 84: -

Defense against Malpractice. Sect. 3.
Teachers shall instruct their pupils how to defend
themselves against mental malpractice,
never to return evil for evil, but to know the
truth that makes free, and thus to be a law, not
unto others, but to themselves.

Number of Pupils. Sect. 4. The teachers of
Christian Science shall teach but one class yearly,
which class shall consist of not more than thirty
pupils. After 1907, the Board of Education shall
have one class triennially, a Normal class not
exceeding thirty pupils.

Pupil's Tuition. Sect. 5. A student's price
for teaching Christian Science shall not exceed
$100.00 per pupil.

Associations. Sect. 6. The associations of the
pupils of loyal teachers shall convene annually.
The pupils shall be guided by the BIBLE, and
SCIENCE AND HEALTH, not by their teachers'
personal views. Teachers shall not call their
pupils together, or assemble a selected number of
them, for more frequent meetings.

A Single Field of Labor. Sect. 7. A loyal
teacher of Christian Science shall not teach another
loyal teacher's pupil, except it be in the
Board of Education. Outside of this Board eac

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