The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 82: -

 approves, and publishes the books and literature
it sends forth. If Mary Baker Eddy disapproves
of certain books or literature, the Society
will not publish them. The Committees on Publication
are in no manner connected with these
functions. A book or an article of which Mrs.
Eddy is the author shall not be published nor
republished by this Society without her knowledge
or written consent.

Removal of Cards. Sect. 9. No cards shall
be removed from our periodicals without the request
of the advertiser, except by a majority vote
of the Christian Science Board of Directors at
a meeting held for this purpose or for the examination
of complaints.

Members of this Church who practise other
professions or pursue other vocations, shall not
advertise as healers, excepting those members
who are officially engaged in the work of Christian
Science, and they must devote ample time
for faithful practice.

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