The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 81: -

 more can be re-elected, or new officers elected,
by a unanimous vote of the Christian Science
Board of Directors, and the consent of the Pastor
Emeritus given in her own handwriting.

Suitable Employees. Sect. 5. A person
who is not accepted by the Pastor Emeritus and
the Christian Science Board of Directors as
suitable, shall in no manner be connected with
publishing her books, nor with editing or publishing
The Christian Science Journal, Christian
Science Sentinel, Der Herold der Christian Science,
nor with The Christian Science Publishing

Periodicals. Sect. 6. Periodicals which
shall at any time be published by The Christian
Science Publishing Society, shall be copyrighted
and conducted according to the provisions in the
Deed of Trust relating to The Christian Science

Rule of Conduct. Sect. 7. No objectionable
pictures shall be exhibited in the rooms where the
Christian Science textbook is published or sold.
No idle gossip, no slander, no mischief-making,
no evil speaking shall be allowed.

Books to be Published. Sect. 8. Only the
Publishing Society of The Mother Church selects

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