The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 80: -

 "The Christian Science Publishing Society" on
a strictly Christian basis, for the promotion of
the interests of Christian Science.

Disposal of Funds. Sect. 2. The net profits
of the business shall be paid over semi-annually
to the Treasurer of The Mother Church. He
shall hold this money subject to the order of
the Christian Science Board of Directors, which
is authorized to order its disposition only in
accordance with the By-Laws contained in this

Vacancies in Trusteeship. Sect. 3. The
Christian Science Board of Directors shall have
the power to declare vacancies in said trusteeship,
for such reasons as to the Board may seem expedient.

Whenever a vacancy shall occur, the Pastor
Emeritus reserves the right to fill the same by
appointment; but if she does not elect to exercise
this right, the remaining trustees shall fill
the vacancy, subject to her approval.

Editors and Manager. Sect. 4. The term
of office for the editors and the manager of The
Christian Science Publishing Society is one year
each, dating from the time of election to the
office. Incumbents who have served one year o

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