The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 79: -

Committee on Business. Sect. 9. The Christian
Science Board of Directors shall elect
annually a Committee on Business, which shall
consist of not less than three loyal members
of The Mother Church, who shall transact
promptly and efficiently such business as Mrs.
Eddy, the Directors, or the Committee on Publication
shall commit to it. While the members
of this Committee are engaged in the
transaction of the business assigned to them
they shall be paid from the Church funds.
Before being eligible for office the names of the
persons nominated for said office shall be presented
to Mrs. Eddy for her written approval.


Article XXV

Board of Trustees. Section 1. The Board
of Trustees, constituted by a Deed of Trust
given by Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, the Pastor
Emeritus of this Church, on January twenty-fifth,
1898, shall hold and manage the property
therein conveyed, and conduct the business o

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