The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 78: -

 demand that each member thereof comply with
the By-Laws of the Church. If any Director
fails to heed this admonition, he may be dismissed
from office and the vacancy supplied by
the Board.

Debt and Duty. Sect. 7. The Mother Church
shall not be made legally responsible for the debts
of individuals except such debts as are specified
in its By-Laws. Donations from this Church
shall not be made without the written consent
of the Pastor Emeritus. Also important movements
of the manager of the Committee on Publication
shall be sanctioned by the Board of
Directors and be subject to the approval of Mary
Baker Eddy. (See Article I, Sect. 6.)

Emergencies. Sect. 8. The Treasurer, personally,
or through the Clerk of the Church,
may pay from the funds of the Church bills of
immediate necessity not exceeding $200 for any
one transaction, and he may keep on deposit the
sum of $500 with the Clerk, as a petty cash
fund, to be used by him for the payment of
such bills. Such payments shall be reported, on
the first of the following month, to the Board
of Directors and the Committee on Finance, for
their approval.

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