The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 76: -

 building funds, which can be spared after the
debts are paid, should remain on safe deposit,
to be hereafter used for the benefit of this
Church, as the right occasion may call for it.
The following indicates the proper management
of the Church funds: -

Report of Directors. Sect. 3. It shall be
the duty of the Christian Science Board of Directors
to have the books of the Church Treasurer
audited semi-annually, and to report at the
annual Church meeting the amount of funds
which the Church has on hand, the amount of
its indebtedness and of its expenditures for the
last year.

Finance Committee. Sect. 4. There shall
be a Committee on Finance, which shall consist of
three members of this Church in good standing.
Its members shall be appointed annually by the
Christian Science Board of Directors and with
the consent of the Pastor Emeritus. They shall
hold quarterly meetings and keep themselves
thoroughly informed as to the real estate owned
by this Church and the amount of funds received
by the Treasurer of The Mother Church, who is
individually responsible for said funds. They
shall have the books of the Christian Scienc

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