The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 71: -

 Church. Branch churches of The Mother Church
may take the title of First Church of Christ,
Scientist; Second Church of Christ, Scientist;
and so on, where more than one church is established
in the same place; but the article
"The" must not be used before titles of branch
churches, nor written on applications for membership
in naming such churches.

Mother Church Unique. Sect. 3. In its
relation to other Christian Science churches, in
its By-Laws and self-government, The Mother
Church stands alone; it occupies a position that
no other church can fill. Then for a branch
church to assume such position would be disastrous
to Christian Science. Therefore, no Church
of Christ, Scientist, shall be considered loyal
that has branch churches or adopts The Mother
Church's form of government, except in such cases
as are specially allowed and named in this Manual.

Tenets Copyrighted. Sect. 4. Branch
churches shall not write the Tenets of The
Mother Church in their church books, except
they give the name of their author and her
permission to publish them as Tenets of The
Mother Church, copyrighted in SCIENCE AND

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