The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 70: -

Pastor Emeritus to be Consulted. Sect. 18.
The Mother Church shall not make a church By-Law,
nor enter into a business transaction with a
Christian Scientist in the employ of Rev. Mary
Baker Eddy, without first consulting her on said
subject and adhering strictly to her advice thereon.


Article XXIII

Local Self-government. Section 1. The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, shall assume
no general official control of other churches, and
it shall be controlled by none other.

Each Church of Christ, Scientist, shall have its
own form of government. No conference of
churches shall be held, unless it be when our
churches, located in the same State, convene to
confer on a statute of said State, or to confer
harmoniously on individual unity and action of
the churches in said State.

Titles. Sect. 2. "The First Church of
Christ, Scientist," is the legal title of The Mothe

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