The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 69: -

 Leader, Mrs. Eddy, said student shall come under
a signed agreement to remain with Mrs. Eddy
if she so desires, during the time specified in the
Church Manual.

Incomplete Term of Service. Sect. 14. If a
student who has been called to serve our Leader
in accordance with Article XXII, Sect. 11, of
the Church Manual leaves her before the expiration
of the time therein mentioned such student
shall pay to Mrs. Eddy whatsoever she may
charge for what she has taught him or her during
the time of such service.

Help. Sect. 15. If the author of the Christian
Science textbook call on this Board for
household help or a handmaid, the Board shall
immediately appoint a proper member of this
Church therefor, and the appointee shall go immediately
in obedience to the call. "He that loveth
father or mother more than me is not worthy
of me." (Matt. 10:37.)

Students with Mrs. Eddy. Sect. 16. Students
employed by Mrs. Eddy at her home shall
not take care of their churches or attend to other
affairs outside of her house.

Mrs. Eddy's Room. Sect. 17. The room in
The Mother Church formerly known as "Mother's
Room" shall hereafter be closed to visitors.

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