The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 68: -

 immediately notify a person who has been a
member of this Church at least three years to
go in ten days to her, and it shall be the duty
of the member thus notified to remain with Mrs.
Eddy three years consecutively. A member who
leaves her in less time without the Directors'
consent or who declines to obey this call to
duty, upon Mrs. Eddy's complaint thereof shall
be excommunicated from The Mother Church.
Members thus serving the Leader shall be paid
semi-annually at the rate of one thousand dollars
yearly in addition to rent and board. Those
members whom she teaches the course in Divinity,
and who remain with her three consecutive
years, receive the degree of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College.

Location. Sect. 12. Rev. Mary Baker Eddy
calls to her home or allows to visit or to locate
therein only those individuals whom she engages
through the Christian Science Board of Directors
of The Mother Church. This By-Law takes
effect on Dec. 15, 1908.

Agreement Required. Sect. 13. When the
Christian Science Board of Directors calls a student
in accordance with Article XXII, Sect. 11,
of our Church Manual to the home of thei

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