The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 67: -

 of this Church. The Pastor Emeritus is not to
be consulted on cases of discipline, on the cases
of candidates for admission to this Church, or
on the cases of those on trial for dismissal from
the Church.

Private Communications. Sect. 8. A strictly
private communication from the Pastor Emeritus
to a member of her Church shall not be made
public without her written consent.

Unauthorized Legal Action. Sect. 9. A
member of this Church shall not employ an attorney,
nor take legal action on a case not provided
for in its By-Laws - if said case relates
to the person or to the property of Mary Baker
Eddy - without having personally conferred
with her on said subject.

Duty to God. Sect. 10. Members of this
Church who turn their attention from the divine
Principle of being to personality, sending gifts,
congratulatory despatches or letters to the Pastor
Emeritus on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year,
or Easter, break a rule of this Church and are
amenable therefor.

Opportunity for Serving the Leader. Sect.
11. At the written request of the Pastor Emeritus,
Mrs. Eddy, the Board of Directors shal

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