The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 66: -

 from the Pastor Emeritus which he
does not fully understand, he shall inform her
of this fact before presenting it to the Church
and obtain a clear understanding of the matter,
- then act in accordance therewith.

Interpreting Communications. Sect. 5. If
at a meeting of this Church a doubt or disagreement
shall arise among the members as to
the signification of the communications of the
Pastor Emeritus to them, before action is taken
it shall be the duty of the Clerk to report to her
the vexed question and to await her explanation

Reading and Attesting Letters. Sect. 6.
When a letter or a message from the Pastor
Emeritus is brought before a meeting of this
Church, or she is referred to as authority for
business, it shall be the duty of the Church to
inquire if all of the letter has been read, and to
require all of it to be read; also to have any
authority supposed to come from her satisfactorily

Unauthorized Reports. Sect. 7. Members
of this Church shall not report on authority an
order from Mrs. Eddy that she has not sent,
either to the Boards or to the executive bodie

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