The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 61: -

 No special trowel should be used. (See SCIENCE
AND HEALTH, page 140.)

Overflow Meetings. Sect. 4. A Church of
Christ, Scientist, shall not hold two or more
Sunday services at the same hour.

Article XVIII


No more Communion. Section 1. The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, shall observe
no more Communion seasons.

Communion of Branch Churches. Sect. 2.
The Communion shall be observed in the branch
churches on the second Sunday in January and
July of each year, and at this service the Tenets
of The Mother Church are to be read.

Article XIX


Soloist and Organist. Section 1. The music
in The Mother Church shall not be operatic, but
of an appropriate religious character and of a
recognized standard of musical excellence; it
shall be played in a dignified and suitable
manner. Music from the organ alone should continue
about eight or nine minutes for th

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