The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 59: -

 revelations of Christian Science indiscriminately,
or without characterizing their origin and thus
distinguishing them from the writings of authors
who think at random on this subject, is to
lose some weight in the scale of right
thinking. Therefore it is the duty of every member
of this Church, when publicly reading or quoting
from the books or poems of our Pastor
Emeritus, first to announce the name of the
author. Members shall also instruct their pupils
to adopt the aforenamed method for the benefit
of our Cause.

Article XVI


The Leader's Welcome. Section 1. Mrs.
Eddy welcomes to her seats in the church,
persons of all sects and denominations who
come to listen to the Sunday sermon and are
not otherwise provided with seats.

The Local Members' Welcome. Sect. 2. It
shall be the duty and privilege of the local members
of The Mother Church to give their seats, if
necessary, to strangers who may come to attend
the morning services.

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