The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 56: -

 WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, it shall be the
duty of the Board of Directors to admonish
that member according to Article XI, Sect. 4.
Then, if said member persists in this offense,
his or her name shall be dropped from the roll
of this Church.


Article XIII


Annual Meetings. Section 1. The regular
meetings of The Mother Church shall be held
annually, on Monday following the first Sunday
in June. No other than its officers are required
to be present. These assemblies shall be for
listening to the reports of Treasurer, Clerk, and
Committees, and general reports from the Field.

Meetings of Board of Directors. Sect. 2.
The annual meeting of the Christian Science
Board of Directors, for electing officers and
other business, shall be held on Monday preceding
the annual meeting of the Church. Regular
meetings for electing candidates to membershi

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