The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 55: -

 Church of Christ, Scientist, or a Reader, shall not
report nor send notices to The Mother Church,
or to the Pastor Emeritus, of errors of the members
of their local church; but they shall strive
to overcome these errors. Each church shall
separately and independently discipline its own
members, - if this sad necessity occurs.

Article XII


Probation. Section 1. For sufficient reasons
it may be decided that a teacher has so
strayed as not to be fit for the work of a Reader
in church or a teacher of Christian Science.
Although repentant and forgiven by the Church
and retaining his membership, this weak member
shall not be counted loyal till after three years
of exemplary character. Then the Board of
Directors may decide if his loyalty has been
proved by uniform maintenance of the life of
a consistent, consecrated Christian Scientist.

Misteaching. Sect. 2. If a member of this
Church is found trying to practise or to teach
Christian Science contrary to the statement
thereof in its textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALT

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