The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 54: -

 Leader, and if, upon complaint by another member,
the Board of Directors finds that the offense
has been committed, the offender shall be suspended
for not less than three years from his
or her office in this Church and from Church

The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist,
Tenets. Sect. 11. If a member of The Mother
Church of Christ, Scientist, or a member of a
branch of this Church break the rules of its
Tenets as to unjust and unmerciful conduct -
on complaint of Mrs. Eddy our Pastor Emeritus
- and this complaint being found valid, his or
her name shall be erased from The Mother
Church and the branch church's list of membership
and the offender shall not be received
into The Mother Church or a branch church
for twelve years.

Special Offense. Sect. 12. If a member of
this Church, either by word or work, represents
falsely to or of the Leader and Pastor Emeritus,
said member shall immediately be disciplined, and
a second similar offense shall remove his or her
name from membership in The Mother Church.

Members of Branch Churches. Sect. 13. A
member of both The Mother Church and a branc

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