The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 53: -

 others thus to act, upon her complaint or
the complaint of a member for her or for himself,
it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors
immediately to call a meeting, and drop forever
the name of the member guilty of this offense
from the roll of Church membership.

No Unchristian Conduct. Sect. 8. If a
member of this Church were to treat the author
of our textbook disrespectfully and cruelly, upon
her complaint that member should be
excommunicated. If a member, without her having requested
the information, shall trouble her on
subjects unnecessarily and without her consent,
it shall be considered an offense.

Not to Learn Hypnotism. Sect. 9. Members
of this Church shall not learn hypnotism
on penalty of being excommunicated from this
Church. No member shall enter a complaint of
mental malpractice for a sinister purpose. If
the author of SCIENCE AND HEALTH shall bear
witness to the offense of mental malpractice, it
shall be considered a sufficient evidence thereof.

Publications Unjust. Sect. 10. If a member
of The Mother Church publishes, or causes
to be published, an article that is false or unjust,
hence injurious, to Christian Science or to it

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