The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 51: -

 or Rules herein set forth, shall be admonished
in consonance with the Scriptural demand in
Matthew 18:15-17; and if he neglect to accept
such admonition, he shall be placed on probation,
or if he repeat the offense, his name shall be
dropped from the roll of Church membership.

Violation of Christian Fellowship. Sect. 3.
Any member who shall unjustly aggrieve or
vilify the Pastor Emeritus or another member,
or who does not live in Christian fellowship with
members who are in good and regular standing
with this Church, shall either withdraw from the
Church or be excommunicated.

Preliminary Requirement. Sect. 4. No
Church discipline shall ensue until the requirements
according to the Scriptures, in Matthew
18:15-17, have been strictly obeyed, unless a
By-Law governing the case provides for immediate

Authority. Sect. 5. The Christian Science
Board of Directors has power to discipline, place
on probation, remove from membership, or to
excommunicate members of The Mother Church.
Only the members of this Board shall be present
at meetings for the examination of complaints
against Church members; and they alon

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