The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 50: -

 thereof be unknown, an autopsy shall be made
by qualified experts. When it is possible the
body of a female shall be prepared for burial by
one of her own sex.

Article X


No Unauthorized Debating. Section 1. A
member of this Church shall not debate on Christian
Science in public debating assemblies, without
the consent of the Board of Directors.

Article XI


Departure from Tenets. Section 1. If a
member of this Church shall depart from the
Tenets and be found having the name without
the life of a Christian Scientist, and another
member in good standing shall from Christian
motives make this evident, a meeting of the Board
of Directors shall be called, and the offender's
case shall be tried and said member exonerated,
put on probation, or excommunicated.

Violation of By-Laws. Sect. 2. A member
who is found violating any of the By-Law

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