The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 49: -

No Monopoly. Sect. 30. A Scientist shall
not endeavor to monopolize the healing work in
any church or locality, to the exclusion of others,
but all who understand the teachings of Christian
Science are privileged to enter into this holy work,
and "by their fruits ye shall know them."

Christian Science Nurse. Sect. 31. A member
of The Mother Church who represents himself
or herself as a Christian Science nurse shall
be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of
Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands
the practical wisdom necessary in a sick
room, and who can take proper care of the sick.

The cards of such persons may be inserted in
The Christian Science Journal under rules established
by the publishers.

Article IX


A Legal Ceremony. Section 1. If a Christian
Scientist is to be married, the ceremony
shall be performed by a clergyman who is legally

Sudden Decease. Sect. 2. If a member of
The Mother Church shall decease suddenly, without
previous injury or illness, and the caus

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