The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 48: -

 cherish no enmity toward those who do believe
in such doctrines, and will not harm them. But
whenever God calls a member to bear testimony
to Truth and to defend the Cause of Christ, he
shall do it with love and without fear.

Uncharitable Publications. Sect. 26. A
member of this Church shall not publish, nor
cause to be published, an article that is uncharitable
or impertinent towards religion, medicine,
the courts, or the laws of our land.

The Golden Rule. Sect. 27. A member of
The Mother Church shall not haunt Mrs. Eddy's
drive when she goes out, continually stroll by
her house, or make a summer resort near her
for such a purpose.

Numbering the People. Sect. 28. Christian
Scientists shall not report for publication the
number of the members of The Mother Church,
nor that of the branch churches. According to
the Scripture they shall turn away from personality
and numbering the people.

Our Church Edifices. Sect. 29. The periodicals
of our denomination do not publish descriptions
of our church edifices, but they may
quote from other periodicals or give incidental

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