The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 46: -

Illegal Adoption. Sect. 20. No person shall
be a member of this Church who claims a spiritually
adopted child or a spiritually adopted husband
or wife. There must be legal adoption and
legal marriage, which can be verified according
to the laws of our land.

Use of Initials "C.S." Sect. 21. A member
of The Mother Church shall not place the initials
"C.S." after his name on circulars, cards, or
leaflets, which advertise his business or profession,
except as a Christian Science practitioner.

Practitioners and Patients. Sect. 22. Members
of this Church shall hold in sacred confidence
all private communications made to them
by their patients; also such information as may
come to them by reason of their relation of practitioner
to patient. A failure to do this shall subject
the offender to Church discipline.

A member of The Mother Church shall not,
under pardonable circumstances, sue his patient
for recovery of payment for said member's
practice, on penalty of discipline and liability
to have his name removed from membership.
Also he shall reasonably reduce his price in
chronic cases of recovery, and in cases where
he has not effected a cure. A Christian Scientis

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