The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 43: -

 her staff without her or their consent shall be disciplined,
and a second offense as aforesaid shall
cause the name of said member to be dropped
forever from The Mother Church.

Formulas Forbidden. Sect. 9. No member
shall use written formulas, nor permit his patients
or pupils to use them, as auxiliaries to teaching
Christian Science or for healing the sick.
Whatever is requisite for either is contained in
the books of the Discoverer and Founder of
Christian Science. Sometimes she may strengthen
the faith by a written text as no one else can.

No Adulterating Christian Science. Sect. 10.
A member of this Church shall not publish
profuse quotations from Mary Baker Eddy's
copyrighted works without her permission, and
shall not plagiarize her writings. This By-Law
not only calls more serious attention to the commandment
of the Decalogue, but tends to prevent
Christian Science from being adulterated.

No Incorrect Literature. Sect. 11. A member
of this Church shall neither buy, sell, nor circulate
Christian Science literature which is not
correct in its statement of the divine Principle
and rules and the demonstration of Christian
Science. Also the spirit in which the write

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