The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 39: -

 anxious to live according to its requirements and
make application for membership according to
its By-Laws. If, at the expiration of said one
year, they are found worthy, they shall be received
into full membership, but if not found
worthy their applications shall be void.

Members once Dismissed. Sect. 2. A full
member or a probationary member, who has
been excommunicated once, and who afterward,
when sufficient time has elapsed thoroughly to
test his sincerity, gives due evidence of having
genuinely repented and of being radically reformed,
shall be eligible to probationary membership
upon a unanimous vote of the Christian
Science Board of Directors.

Ineligible for Probation. Sect. 3. If a
member has been twice notified of his excommunication,
he shall not again be received into
this Church.

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