The Manual of the Mother Church
Mary Baker Eddy

- MAN 36: -

 SCRIPTURES, or from members of The Mother
Church, as provided in Article VI, Sect. 2, of
these By-Laws.

Students' Pupils. Sect. 3. Applications for
membership with The Mother Church, coming
from pupils of loyal students who have taken
the Primary or Normal Course at the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College or in the Board
of Education, or from pupils of those who have
passed an examination by the Board of Education,
shall have the approval and signature of
their teachers, except in such cases as are provided
for in Sect. 4 of this Article.

Exceptional Cases. Sect. 4. Loyal Christian
Scientists whose teachers are deceased, absent,
or disloyal, - or those whose teachers, for
insufficient cause, refuse to endorse their applications
for membership with The Mother Church,
- can apply to the Clerk of this Church, and
present to him a recommendation signed by three
members thereof in good standing, after which,
the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors
may admit said applicant to membership.

Addressed to Clerk. Sect. 5. All applications
for membership must be addressed to the
Clerk of the Church.

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